Jennifer Yarbro
Operations Director

Jennifer Yarbro

Jen has been an integral part of the Trinity family since 1998, bringing over 30 years of expertise in the financial industry to her role on our Leadership team. In her capacity, Jen oversees various critical functions including account operations, data management/reporting, technology, and human resources. She also serves as a key liaison with our outsource firms, custodians, and investment platforms, ensuring seamless coordination and execution.

Beyond her professional commitments, Jen cherishes her role as a devoted wife and mother, sharing a loving home in west St. Louis County with her husband Paul and their son Jake, a student at Eureka High School.

Fun facts about Jen:

  • Jen is absolutely wild about animals, especially cats of all shapes and sizes! Together with Paul and Jake, she loves to visit wildlife rescues, where she’s had the incredible experience of holding a white tiger cub.
  • Jen has recently taken up crocheting and is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to donate her creations to those in need, spreading warmth and joy one stitch at a time.
  • Did you know Paul is not just a history enthusiast but also a published author? Dive into his captivating book, “Forged in the Fires: How Providence, Purpose, and Perseverance Shaped America.” If you pick it up, don’t forget to share your thoughts with Jen—Paul would love to hear your feedback!
  • Jake, the music-loving honor student, can often be found strumming away on his guitar whenever he gets the chance. With a passion for math and aspirations in engineering, he’s steadily working towards his goals while creating beautiful melodies along the way.
  • Jen’s unwavering dedication to both work and family stems from her parents, who have shared over 50 years of marriage. Her mom’s incredible commitment shines through as she’s operated a beloved daycare out of their family home for most of those years, nurturing multiple generations of St. Louis families with love and care.