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Our Mission

We help families put their wealth to work for a greater purpose, using advanced wealth management and investment strategies that enable you to grow and steward your assets in alignment with your values.

Our Story: A deeper calling for wealth management

Our founder, Jim Matush, has always said the primary purpose of Trinity Wealth Advisors is to make a significant and tangible difference in the lives of the families we serve. Jim started Trinity in 1997 after serving for nearly two decades in the typical financial and wealth management world. Together with partners Jim Evens, Eric Steiner and Alan Smith, a different kind of wealth advisory was created, shifting away from the allure of growing a business just for size and money to building a firm that aligned Trinity’s success with that of our clients.

Trinity was built to serve a true client family – applying the most sophisticated investment consulting and wealth management strategies while helping clients realize their wealth is a means to a greater end. Since then, Trinity has grown to become one of the St. Louis area’s leading wealth advisors in meeting the specialized needs of financially established families.

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