Are you taking advantage of every opportunity?

Is your wealth managed with accountability and objectivity?

Are you in the hands of specialized experts?

Are your wealth choices guided by your life goals and values?

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Our Proprietary Access Meets Accountability Platform

We give you access and true diversification…

Many advisors specialize in one investment approach or brand of offerings. At Trinity, we believe the key is not in limiting our clients to a singular approach, but in having the expertise to know which combination of strategies are best for our clients – and having the right pre-screened financial providers to help us achieve results as goals or markets evolve.

…While managing the managers

Our clients enjoy a greater level of accountability and objectivity with their investments. We continually oversee investment managers on your behalf – hiring high performing managers, firing underperforming managers, and ensuring they are meeting performance criteria within your risk tolerance.

In many ways, you can think of us as your family’s CFO – wisely safeguarding your investments through fluctuating markets and changing family needs.