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Are your wealth choices guided by your life goals and values?

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Life-Wealth Planning

Where best-in-class wealth management meets a deeper conversation

Life-Wealth Planning is the philosophy that guides our work. It’s the conversation we lead with – your goals and dreams, your vision for your life, family and causes, your calling and beliefs about stewardship. We follow with conversations about wealth and how your wealth can power your calling. It’s where we embed your wealth choices in the context of your greater life goals, and it’s driven by the belief that aligning your wealth with your life is the only conversation about money that will ever bring confidence and fulfillment.

On a foundation of Life-Wealth Planning we walk our clients through comprehensive Wealth Management, defined here. Our clients often tell us that for the first time they’re able to see their financial choices in context of their greater life goals, and that the sense of clarity, purpose, and alignment is unparalleled.

What is Your “Life Worth”?

A “Net Worth” Perspective starts with what you have, which then determines what you will do, so that you have the resources to become what you want to be.

Our “Life Worth” Perspective turns that approach upside down. We start with who you were designed to be. Based on an understanding of your calling, you are then uniquely positioned to choose what you will do, which then leads to what you will have…significance and fulfillment.

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